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Babyproofing Q&A

Babyproofing is the process of creating and maintaining an environment that eliminates as many hazards to children as possible.

The fact is that no home can be 100% accident free, however, babyproofing your home is the best way to reduce the risk of injury. Our professionals will install only the best products, correctly.

It is never to early to start to think of making your home safer. It is best to babyproof before your child begins to crawl. Once your child begins to crawl they will want to explore and touch everything and anything they can. Babyproof NOW and your little one’s journeys will be much safer.

An Allsafe Childproofing, Inc. representative can point out potential hazards and recommend solutions.

Yes, but installation of these products is time consuming, and almost always, frustrating.

Many products, especially gates and latches, can be very difficult to install and the sales representatives at the baby stores are little to no help when it comes to the “INSTALLATION” of products.

Also keep in mind, people typically learn by trial and error resulting in further delays, more frustration, and sometimes damage. In the end, costing you several weekends of precious time…often, resulting in costly mistakes.

All around, it is better to use Allsafe Childproofing, Inc. to install only the BEST products correctly.

Simply contact us, and one of our representatives will be glad to schedule a home safety evaluation, where a representative from Allsafe Childproofing, Inc. will thoroughly inspect your home.

Upon the completion of the safety evaluation, you will receive an itemized sheet, which includes: A list of safety products that will help make your home a safer place for children, along with the cost to have each item installed.

There are many dangers lurking in a home, and simply researching books, magazines and the internet may not be enough because each home is different. A professional babyproofer has already done the research for you and has the knowledge to identify the specific dangers in your home, many of which can be overlooked by the untrained eye.

There are many amounts of safety devices available and most parents find it difficult to choose the best ones. A professional has the experience to know not only which products are the most effective, but which ones will work the best in your home.

Some safety devices, such as cabinet and drawer latches and safety gates, are difficult to install and many parents don’t want to take the chance of assembling or installing these products incorrectly. A professional can install safety devices properly so you have peace of mind knowing that the products will work effectively.

Allsafe Childproofing Inc. has developed the reputation for being Long Island’s premiere babyproofer. We use only the best products and materials for all of our installations and offer decorative hardware and other custom solutions. Some customers have described our work as “beautiful” and “flawless” because our philosophy is to try to make everything blend in with your homes appearance and we believe it does not have to be ugly to be safe. We are a full time, full service babyproofing company and since this is our only business the owner is present on every installation. We have solutions for every budget. With Allsafe Childproofing Inc. you get premium products, premium installation and premium service without the premium price.